Friday, April 11, 2014


Sorry Mum and Dad. Good blogging habits are so hard to maintain!

Today is the last day of school and I am so relieved. I have had two strong reasons, recently, to be thankful for the stage my children are at. Firstly, the end of daylight saving meant that we actually got to sleep in for an extra hour. Facebook was full of horror stories about super early starts. Secondly, the holidays mean less work for me, not more. No lunches to make or supervise the making of, no homework, no reminding Bethany that she'll miss the bus if she doesn't get going and no remembering which uniforms and accessories are required for each day.

We have been enjoying proper rainy weather and the landscape has turned green. We have purchased long pants, cardigans and closed in shoes in preparation for our trip to the Blue Mountains next week. It's my favourite time of year, off to Easter Convention!

Bethany and Andrew went to Sydney last weekend to visit Grandad in hospital (he's OK). The weather wasn't good enough for the zoo, so they went ice skating. She got the hang of it in the end, but is still sporting a significant bruise on her cheek! We're hoping for an injury free Easter.


  1. I hope you all have an injury free Easter too! It'll be lovely in the Mountains, hopefully free from the humidity we are currently experiencing here....

  2. Thanks Amy, I miss your news but appreciate that you do a million other things!I Bet the veggies are appreciating the rain and great to hear the countryside is geening up. We can't keep up with the mowing here - must be catching up for lost time! Have a great Easter. Love you all.