Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A special achievement

Don't mention it to Bethany, she is trying to forget about it and gets very cross if you bring it up, but she did the coolest thing on the weekend. Our sleep in/quiet Saturday plans were deferred as Toby had an early soccer game and our family was rostered on the bacon and egg roll stall at the Farmers' Markets for the cycling club.
Andrew did soccer duty and Joss, Bethany and I went to the lagoon at 7.30 to set up. In the past Bethany has taken orders and given change with me, but there were more kid helpers than adults this time, so she was left jobless.
She and the other younger girls used up crusts feeding the ducks, they wandered around, ate polka dot pancakes and then discovered the turtles in the lagoon.
These turtles are best observed at close quarters so Bethany climbed down to the lagoon's edge and perched herself on a rock. You can see where this is going. One of the other girls ran up to tell me that Bethany had fallen in the lagoon and there she was, completely soaked from head to toe. I was angry for a few seconds, she was in her new shoes, but we were all laughing very quickly, much to Bethany's horror.
I tried to convince her that this was very special, that I don't know anyone else who has fallen in the lagoon and she should put it on her resume. She laughed a little, but is now trying to put the whole episode behind her.
I had left my phone at home, but one of the other cycling mums took a quick photo.

In other news, Joss has decided (with significant prompting) to start cooking some regular meals. This should minimise the complaining I get from her about what's for dinner. Her first effort last night was veal schnitzel. She isn't one to start simply or cheaply. She did a good job, enjoying the whole flour, eggwash, breadcrumbs business and having her fingers crumbled. We got out the potato ricer for mash and that was fun, too. It was yummy, and perhaps she choose things that make less mess in the future.


  1. A very "cool" thing to do Bethany! If you asked which of your three children would fall into the lagoon, I must admit I would think of her first!

  2. Oh and PS: Well done Jossie! Don't we all love schnitzel...

  3. An eventful few days!! I hope the turtles enjoyed the show! And, go Jossie go you have a great tradition to keep going.

  4. Bethany keeps good company.....I am the only person (that I know of) that has fallen (I still say PUSHED) into the Corowa High School fishpond, in front of what felt like thousands of wide-eyed and sniggering onlookers, waiting to go to class after lunch. Not a good moment, though laughing material post-event. It took quite sometime to remove the algae from legs/dress/shoes/socks......So, dear Bethany, I do understand!