Friday, July 5, 2013

New do

 As Bethany pointed out, it isn't very exciting when I go to the hairdresser because it is never a big change. There aren't many big change options out there for people with only a few centimeters of hair and who cannot come at paying to colour so little. Bethany, on the other hand, had plenty of scope for something new and she wanted a bob with a fringe.

 Once we got to this stage, we realised how pretty she looked without the fringe. My hairdresser pointed out that fringes are broadening so I really wanted to stop and took this photo in the hopes of convincing Bethany who had her heart set on that fringe.

She pondered for a good five minutes......

...and came around to our way of thinking!

Of course, she is only 8 and I could have simply stated that she wasn't allowed the fringe, but she had been so looking forward to this hairdresser visit, and in the 'pick your battles' arena I usually think hair is a battle I am willing to forfeit, so I was very pleased that Bethany could see how very grown up her new hair is.


  1. Beautiful! Her hair really suits her that length...

  2. Bethany looks great, good decision all round.