Monday, July 1, 2013

Guy Sebastian

I'll catch up to real time soon, but I did want to tell you about Joss' surprise birthday present last Sunday night. The timing wasn't brilliant, I'd not have chosen to go to an 8pm concert on a Sunday after a church weekend away, but the tickets were purchased in February.

Every summer, when we go to Bermagui, we listen to a lot of pop music in the car - stuff we can all enjoy to varying degrees. Britt Nicole has featured pretty heavily as the sound of our summer, but last year Guy Sebastian was played too. When Joss heard he was coming to Wagga, she was very keen to go, but the tickets sold out in fifteen minutes and I failed to get some in the traditional way. Thankfully, I had other means at my disposal, and I kept the tickets a secret. It paid off, she was very excited.

I hadn't given any thought at all of what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised. There was a support act; a fellow with three names, none of which I can remember, but he was very good. We had an interval and Joss got some crispy M&Ms and one of those little cylinders of Pringles and then Guy came on after 9pm! It was the proper deal. Complicated set with video screens and special lighting. His band came from all over the world and he sang until after 11. I knew more songs than I expected to and he had everyone up dancing.

I remember watching that original series of Australian Idol when he was the winner. It was great to see a regular Christian on TV, you know, one that doesn't turn out to be the murderer in the crime show. He gave his Bible to another of the contestants. It was very sad to see that he has given his faith away, but he is a great singer, very personable and it is very nice of him to go to so many regional areas.

It was Joss' first real concert and she loved it. If I remember correctly, mine was Dire Straits at the Sydney Entertainment Centre with Mum and Dad. What was your first proper concert?


  1. Mine was probably Dire Straits with you! No, maybe not... actually it was the Beatles and I was 14 and allowed to go with a friend into the old Stadium in Sydney - BY OURSELVES! That would not happen today! It was amazing, I can still remember seeing them, but no-one could hear them because of the screaming girls (of which I was one). Ringo was my favourite.

  2. Glad you both enjoyed it. I think I was able to get some tickets to Dire Straits through contacts too!

  3. I think mine was AC/DC Ball Breaker tour in 1996...