Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Long Weekend

A long weekend is just what we need. Joss and Tobes have gone away and left us with just Bethany. They have gone to Presbyterian Youth (PY) Winter Camp. Toby is at Deer Park just south of Sydney and Joss at Stanwell Tops, near Wollongong. Bethany is enjoying having us to herself.
There was no sleeping late yesterday morning as we had our yearly shift rosters on the egg and bacon roll stand at the Farmers' Markets. It was very cold and foggy, we thought no one was going to come out on such a morning, but there were brave folk and then the fog lifted and we sold everything! Wagga Cycling Club doesn't need to have members selling chocolates because bacon and egg rolls at the Farmers' Markets every month do the trick!
We were on with lovely people and had fun until Andrew git a nasty burn on his hand. There was a doctor among us, though as an obstetrician, burns aren't really his thing. He gave good advice, though, and the burn is much better than expected.I am almost ready to call my obstetrician by his first name because he is just a regular person. There is just something about the person who helps you deliver your babies.
After church today, Muddi Markets. Then, I can relax! And clean the house.....


  1. Oh no! A burn is so painful.... Hope he's better now. So funny about your Dr, I know what you mean - they know almost too much about you! Hope you manage to have a relaxing day tomorrow!

  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Love and hugs for Bethy while the others are away!

  3. Hard to beat a B&E roll on a Saturday morning. Are there any markets on while we are there?
    Looking forward to it like nobodies business!

  4. Poor Andrew! I don't see why you had to call him a git though. :)

    xx Sarah