Monday, June 3, 2013

The Great Gatsby

The cinema smells like stale popcorn, not an especially enticing aroma, but as cinemas have always smelt that way, it's nostalgic. Wagga's cinema isn't small and independent, but somehow it reminds me of going to funny little cinemas like the one at Avoca, where I saw The Jewel in the Nile and Legend, or Roseville, where I saw The Princess Bride.
I don't think I am going to remember going to The Great Gatsby so many years later, but we did have fun dressing up and going for coffee afterwards. It wasn't a bad film, I just wasn't thrilled by it. It was disconcerting to see lots of Australian actors and Jack Thompson's accent was very unexpected! I won't bore you with what was changed or left out but will just say that the costumes were great and I enjoy an evening out with friends.
Kristy wore her beautiful, new, red cloche and I wore a dress I bought at a funny little shop in Chatswood, called Entity, in the late eighties when I was in year 10,11 or 12. I remember standing on the train station, wearing this dress into the city during the day. Teenagers don't mind a bit of overdressing.

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  1. We went on Sunday with a group rom ADFAS. Consensus was that it was much better than we all antisipated. Not having read the book, I enjoyed it and the excesses of Lurhman weren't out of place. Mum, who read the book thought it was a good translation.