Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recharging the batteries

We're back from Katoomba Easter Convention! It was, as always, absolutely wonderful. Excellent teaching on the theme of Christian character in an age of image, fun and relaxing time with family and friends and the beautiful Blue Mountains. Joss, Toby and Bethany all love the kids' programmes and playing with their cousins. We go every year and look forward to it so much. Thanks to the Davidsons for having us to stay!

Toby and I went for a walk one afternoon when it was still hot. We were surprised that it was so warm, even though we knew it had been unseasonably warm at home. We had bought new winter clothes specially! Thankfully, the weather did settle into more typical mountain temperatures and the new clothes were needed.

On Sunday afternoon we had our Easter egg hunt. Bethany and Huw were almost incandescent with excitement, running everywhere at top speed. Bethany had five plastic eggs, filled with bits of paper she had written and drawn the story of Easter on and she read them out to us when all the eggs had been found. Actually, there are still two larger eggs and three small ones we couldn't find!

On Monday morning we skipped the last session (we're downloading the talks) so we could pop down to Sydney and see Andrew's parents, whom we haven't seen since last year some time, and Sare, Ty and the kids - including our newest nephew! I let go of him long enough to let Jossie have a wee go and take this photo.

We got home around 8.30 last night, weary but full of joy. We'll need it to sustain us over the next few weeks as we have sold our house and are moving...... very soon!

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  1. Most certainly not a fan of moving but it can be great to purge and to remember that we are strangers in this world and looking forward to our heavenly home. I have so many questions. I'll try to call for a chat. Love J