Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the edge

It isn't often that I think we ought to be a defence family. Right about now, however, I very much like the idea of somebody else packing and moving our house. It isn't a lot of fun but we are ploughing on. We have a room full of boxes.

Can you see Milo at the door? I wonder how he is going to cope with the move. Look up so we can see your eyes!

Looking up makes no difference, he really needs a haircut.

It's has rained a little bit over the last two days. Rain on Saturday would be extremely inconvenient. The leaves are pretty though.

Tomorrow afternoon we pick up the keys and then spend our last night in this house. We have been here for nine and a half years. We're all excited about a change and I am hoping that excitement will get us through the next few days.


  1. I just caught up on your blog...a move! How exciting! I look forward to seeing photos of the home you are building.

  2. Darling, moving is very stressful! Excitement will be tinged with a bit of grief... all those wonderful memories tied up in your house. I know it sounds a bit weird, but that's how it's always affected me, that although very excited about moving on, sometimes looking back causes some regret. Expect both emotions and you will be fine. Wish we were there to help pack up those boxes!

  3. All the best can be so bitter sweet. I have lovely memories of learning how to parent in your Mwtheson place house. Those days are forever in my memory. Enjoy the change. xx

  4. Goodbye Matheson Place! It's where we got ready for my wedding, had many a Friday night meal and movie, and had lots of general hanging out over cups of tea. I hope the move went well and the task of unpacking boxes has not overwhelmed you!