Friday, March 9, 2012


Relief and the faintest tinge of disappointment. There had been a lot of talk about this flood being set to rival the big flood of '74 and so, when the river peaked somewhere around ten and a half metres, some of us felt let down that it didn't beat the record.

Andrew and Shep went for a ride of dubious legality and very suspect safety! They went into the closed off CBD of Wagga and along the levee - a levee that was under extreme pressure!

This taxi was caught just up the road from Toby and Bethany's school. Today, we were allowed to drive on this stretch of road again.

That means no more picnics on the roundabout.

This is the highway! For those who are familiar with Wagga, Noah's Ark is up on the left. The large pile of dirt that Andrew and Shep are standing on kept it from coming over to the other side.

So now life returns to normal, at least for those of us not in North Wagga where the houses are still under water. After pretending that Stephen had been evacuated to the country to escape London during the Blitz, we received a call on Wednesday morning to say that the SES had given the all clear for Wagga's CBD. We drove Stephen back to his unit, and then went back to work! At the library (and art gallery) we didn't open to the public but simply put everything back from the higher ground we had found for it. The library opened yesterday and everyone is so very pleased about the dry carpet. I was told that had the levee failed, there would have been two metres of water in the CBD in half an hour. I had only moved two shelves of books up! We're so thankful the levee held!

Jossie and Hannah did not receive a phone call today saying that they would be on Camp Orange. Disappointment with a tinge of relief?

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  1. If you look really closely at the flood pics of Edward street you can see my new kitchen cupboards floating away!