Monday, March 5, 2012

High on the hill

Wagga is a town built right next to a river, in 1847 they needed to be close to the water. There have been many floods in the years since then but our eleven meter levee means that the city itself has seen only flash flooding from lots of rain in the recent past. The water that came in to the library at the end of 2010 was storm water from the lagoon. The lagoon was looking very menacing over the weekend and required all night fighting on the part of council staff, SES and army people to keep the library and art gallery dry.

Our suburb is on a hill so we are in no danger from the river. This evening, after dinner (Jossie made macaroni cheese from the Junior Masterchef cookbook), Toby and Andrew went to the new part of Estella to skateboard. They soon came back to get the rest of us to see the wonder of the river that has taken over.

It feels a little bad to find it beautiful but you can't help but wonder at God's power. We ran into lots of Estella people we know up on that hill. Who would live anywhere else?

I have just had a call asking me to go in to the library and move books up. They're evacuating the CBD.... just what I need!

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