Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It begins....

I had my first Stampin' Up class at my house on Saturday night. My work friends came over and we made Christmas tags.

Making Christmas tags in October is not at all the same thing as having Christmas decorations in the shops. It's about being prepared and saving yourself from madness in December.

Andrew was pleasantly surprised by the level of noise and amused by the level of chaos on the table.

These are some of Kristy's tags. She had lemon tart (from Bernard our French baker) and custard in that bowl.

We have been kept enthralled by Jossie's tales of the new madness amongst her classmates. The boys have commenced asking the girls to go out with them. Not that they go anywhere or do anything at all, from what I can gather. Jossie thinks that she and another girl are the only sane ones left. We think it's all beginning to get very interesting. Bethany is way ahead, of course, as she kissed a boy behind the library last year when she was in Kindy! Toby isn't being left out either as a girl rang him up and asked him to go to the bushdance. She's a family friend and also asked the rest of us, so we certainly aren't teasing him or mentioning the 'like' word, you know, like like. Somehow, I can see this all becoming less funny in the future.

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  1. Oh, I'm loving it! Somehow, someway it will be different from when you were a teen, it's all designed so you won't quite understand what's going on! and as for me, well, I'm left way behind! Let's hope Jossie stays sensible for some time yet!