Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Last year, you may recall, Andrew played in the band for the local production of The Boy from Oz. This year he is in the orchestra for My Fair Lady. Rehearsals every few minutes are going to be worthwhile when Joss, Toby, Bethany and I go to see the production next Friday night. Andrew has watched the movie with the kids. I haven't seen the film for a long time but remember that the romance is pretty disappointing. She comes back and instead of a kissing her, he sits down for a nap in his armchair and asks for his slippers!?

Last night, as I was at work until 7 and rehearsal started at 6.30, Andrew left the big kids at home and brought Bethany in to the library. On our way home we saw two gangs of children, well, one was of teenagers, roaming the streets of our suburb trick or treating. When I pulled in to the drive, Joss and Tobes poked their head through the curtains. The trick or treaters had knocked on the door but as we had no lollies, Joss and Tobes just hid! The kids ought to be thankful that they were spared my lecture on the Americanisation of our society. I have no problem with with the American tradition of celebrating Halloween, though I don't really understand it, but it isn't our tradition.

Melbourne Cup festivities on the other hand.... I'm not remotely interested in the race itself. I like the food.

I like dressing up.

I enjoyed crimping Jeannie's hair.

I will continue enjoying the food tomorrow as we rather over-catered.

Yay for Australia, and yay for New South Wales as I wouldn't have had this fun if we'd been on holiday like Victoria. I'd have had other fun, but I'm putting a positive spin on the lack of public holiday. I think the celebration is really a work avoidance thing. Very few customers watched it with us but the whole council came downstairs to watch it on the big screen in the council meeting room. Work avoidance, what could be more Australian?


  1. I really think it's so much more fun at work! The office sweeps, the food, the atmosphere.... I still love to have a bet on a horse, so I have some real interest in the race itself.... fun with J&T hiding! we didn't have any visitors here... suppose that's because there is almost no-one under the age of 60 living on our road?

  2. It was fun - but then I did win the sweep! You know Halloween is originally English right?