Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Toby is so clever!

He had a year off from taking piano exams, but this got back into it with his sixth grade exam. He was completely relaxed about it, until just beforehand, and then he played his pieces so well.

We celebrated with a trip to the Fitzmaurice Cafe and he got this cookie dough milkshake. Now, he has a decent appetite, but he didn't even manage half of this chocolate mousse, chocolate chip bikkie, bikkie dough and milkshake bonanza!

Mum and Dad went travelling, so Sunny came to visit. Bethany enjoys wrapping him up on the couch.

Friends from church invited us to a Christmas in July celebration in their woolshed. It was a bright, clear, day, not bitter at all. We ate, talked and wandered the farm. Toby, Andrew and Beth all considered living on a farm. I love visiting, but I'll pass on living on one....

The glorious sky
My workmate, Cynthia, and I heading down to Albury in the pouring rain on Monday, to attend Keeping It Real. It was a great conference, and we had a lovely dinner down town with another librarian, followed by a wander in the sparkly streets of Albury.

I made it home in time to head up to school with Mum, Dad, Andrew and Beth to watch the school musical, Disco Inferno. Joss and Cate were stage managers, and Toby played the drums through 29 disco tunes. It really was the most fun, and Toby was super fabulous on the drums!

I backed that up with another evening at school, this time for parent/teacher interviews. This is the life.

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  1. I completely agree re Toby and the drums! He was fabulous... and the show very good.