Saturday, July 1, 2017


Miranda. What a lovely name; for a person, for a suburb. Bethany recently told Andrew that she had discovered a lovely name. She realises that it isn't a name she could ever give a child, or adopt for herself, but she finds it very pretty. It's Marijuana......

Back to Miranda. Tim and his family moved there recently, and though Joss and Andrew visited on their way home from Sydney a few months ago, I had not been. Joss had an 18th birthday party to attend in Sydney, last weekend, and I confess that while she is a safe driver, we just weren't quite happy with the idea of her driving to and from Sydney by herself.

So, last Saturday morning she and I woke up early and hit the road. Joss is a great sleeper in the car, so conversation wasn't always scintillating, but I did listen to Eurovision, we had coffee/hot chocolate at the Long Track Pantry, and arrived in Miranda around 12.15!

After waving goodbye to Joss' bus, I spend the rest of the afternoon wandering Miranda Fair, reading my books and drinking coffee. It was a very pleasant way to relax as I waiting for Tim and company to return from a wedding.

I always have a lovely time when I visit them. Three exuberant, affectionate and engaging nephews, one generous, book and fun loving niece,  dinner, chat and a movie on the couch with Tim and Shona. Delightful.

I love this photo, even though the reflection in my glasses makes me look cross-eyed.
I went to their new church on Sunday morning, which was great, though I was sorry it wasn't Tim's turn to preach, and Joss was dropped off around 2. You can imagine the day after a party and mass sleepover, her sleeping in the car game was even stronger. Especially as this was her fourth weekend away in a row!

It makes for a big weekend, and a week of trying to catch up on what didn't get done on the weekend, but I reckon it's totally worth it and will do it again.

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