Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Getting ready

 I keep looking ahead in my diary; checking that I am sorted for upcoming birthdays and kids' events, and it doesn't take too many swipes to get to Christmas! There's so much on, but I am getting excited!

Next week I am off to the public libraries conference, missing Bethany's Year 7 orientation and Toby's music performance night. That reminded me, though, that I have photos of recent performances.

Toby is in the band and orchestra at school. He plays the drums and percussion in the band, and the keyboard in the orchestra. One of the churches in town had a music appreciation afternoon and the TRAC Orchestra performed a few pieces. They have a pretty eclectic repertoire from classical to Katy Perry!

Joss does drama at school. It hasn't been a great passion of hers, she kind of fell into it, but is really enjoying it. They had a performance evening with two plays recently. Joss didn't think much of the plays, but we really enjoyed them, and Joss was great. The theatre is small, and Bethany chose the front row, so I couldn't subtly take photos; these are the photos from the foyer.

Bethany hasn't had any performances, but she did dress up as a white cat for Hallowe'en. She went trick-or-treating with a friend dressed as a black cat.We had around 10 kids come to our house. The police recommend that you put your front light on to let kids know it's safe to come to your house, and that you have treats. I feel this approach would work better if it wasn't daylight savings.

 Mimi puts on regular performances of great cuteness, mixed with flying white fur and hysterical jumping.

Milo can't be left out, either. Today Joss had a Book Day parade (random; it's not Book Week). She dressed as Lucy Pevensie (older, as Queen Lucy) and Milo was Aslan. They won best costume and the spelling bee (Joss did the spelling, Milo is a rubbish speller)! Everyone loved Milo, so he was in his element. He is a people dog if ever there was one.


  1. So busy! End of year stuff is always mad - I wish I could have seen Joss in the plays! and Beth looks so cute as a white cat!

  2. What an electic and hectic time for everyone. Can't wait to see you soon.