Saturday, October 15, 2016

Getting your Ps first go

Usually, at this time on a Saturday morning, I would be in town, picking up Joss from work, having dropped her there earlier. Today, I haven't been anywhere at all! She drove herself to work, and she will drive herself to a babysitting job this afternoon; I am enjoying this very much.

Let's go back a bit, though. After Phil and the kids left we had a few days of school holidays with no visitors and then Sare, Ty and their three kids arrived. It was glorious, noisy, fun. They are always a delight to have. Toby gets a good ego boost from the love two younger boy cousins give, Bethany and Joss experience that love too, as well as that of a little girl cousin. Many games, lots of drawing, so much fun.

As we did last time, we drove out to the Junee Chocolate and Licorice Factory. Much chocolate was eaten and purchased (this did not turn out so well later on, but I'll get to that in a minute) and I took only these terrible photos.

On the Sunday night (why do these these things always happen on a Sunday?) Toby came running out to tell us that Milo was eating Sare and Ty's chocolate stash. I rang my friend, Emily, who is a vet, and she came over. We established that he had probably eaten more than 300g of dark chocolate, which is very bad! We tried to make him sick with salty water, but no dice. We had to ring the vet.

What followed was a bonding experience for me and Milo. I held his ears out of the way while all the chocolate came back up. There were the freckles, there was the ginger, all accounted for and not much changed for having been in his stomach for an hour! It was an expensive exercise, but I think we all learned a lesson......

After Sare and Ty went home, Andrew's parents came for a week. This is when Joss got her Ps! We were all very impressed that she passed first go. I highly recommend a few lessons with a professional.

 We had a quiet week with the parents until Saturday's church street fair. Narelle and I organised and ran the cafe this year, which was a lot of work but good fun. This is the only photo I took. Evie made these Cookie Monster cupcakes, as well as ones that looked like hamburgers and sunflowers!

The weather was beautiful. It was our first day warm enough for short sleeves. The plant stall was great and I bought succulents to fill the beautiful, blue pots we have at our front door. It gets so hot there, I do hope they cope.

The kids went back to school, and Sue and Ron headed home on Monday. Joss spent the week bonding with school friends and getting HSC pep talks from the teachers at camp in Tathra.

This sunset was a million times more spectacular in the real!
One term until the end of the year!

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  1. Amy, I don't know how you cramb so much into so little time! Thanks for all the news.