Thursday, September 15, 2016

River watch

It has been a very wet year. We really love looking out over green countryside, especially as many of our years in Wagga have been in drought. The latest rain here and upstream has brought us awfully close to flooding, though.

When we moved into our new office building, which is just across the road from the river, we couldn't see the water from our carpark, because of the levee. As I pulled in I would think to myself "I really ought to wander over there at lunch to look at the water". The river is up so high now, that I can see it easily from the car park, and it has completely overtaken an oval down the road from work. The caravan park, all of the Wagga Beach area and carpark are all under water.

It's meant to rain more next week, too, so today, at book club, I told Stephen that he can come back to our place if he gets evacuated as he did in 2012. My workmate, Tracey, also lives in Central, so with her and her husband Grant it will be a big party!

It would be nice to walk along the riverbank at lunchtime, but I just can't give up that half hour of reading. I am doing Steptember at the moment, and it is very hard to get to 10,000 steps a day if I don't walk at lunch, so I walk and read. I stick to the road so I will have less chance of falling over! I have offered to make cakes for my workmates if they donate to the cause (cerebral palsy) so I brought this Malteser cake in today to kick things off.


  1. Wow - lots of rain! We've had rain too, but not nearly as much as you, though it is lovely and green here. Good on you for doing Steptember, I donated to your "team" via Tim, all to a very good cause...

  2. Can't believe that all that area by the river that we walked through last time we were with you is under water! There's more rain on the way next week so hope it is Ok for everyone! Is you office OK in a flood?